NUDY ART - Distinct and profound hand drawn abstract originals

An exceptional lifetime in making;  a unique body of hand-drawn abstract original works each distinct and profound composed in a beautiful style of minimalistic simple lines that celebrate the human form and expressing a complex range of human emotion with a distinct practiced technique that is instantly recognizable & unforgettable. Sleeping Bear Trading Company is proud and honored to exclusively offer for sale original works from this impressive private collection of unique original works never before seen or made available for exhibition or private ownership.

About the Artist:
Rev. Dr. Joanne Kaye Psenka was born and raised in post WWII Detroit Michigan, the oldest of three children of successful 1st generation Hungarian and Finnish immigrants. A prodigy in the arts and language from a young age. Her Mother Thelma Psenka was a extremely talented, self-taught oil and acrylic painter. Joanne immediately showed great interest in the arts and was distinguished as a young musician by exhibiting an early aptitude for the piano, violin and guitar by seemingly easily playing complicated compositions by ear from memory and reading and writing music. Dr. Psenka is a native English speaker highly fluent in five other languages and earned three separate Master's Degrees in Russian, German and French language and literature, in addition to a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts obtained in her almost two decades of university attendance with near perfect grades. Dr. Psenka has worked professionally as an inventor, tarot card reader, fashion model and is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Having received a Honorable Discharge in the late 60’s amidst rumors of her involvement in Special Operative work with the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War with which her extreme fluency in Russian language and culture made her a great prospect, although the extent of her actual involvement with the CIA has never been solved. Throughout her life, Dr. Psenka’s impressive abilities and genuine interest and love for all people earned her the respect and admiration of many many friends and professionals. But in her late twenties as is all too often the case with real genius, Joanne began exhibiting symptoms of mental illness was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. The most interesting tales would flow from her with exact detail it was almost impossible to sort fact from fiction. She once surprised her family by painting everything in her entire apartment gold, everything. Today Dr. Psenka, or Joa as she prefers to be called, remains upbeat and resilient and lives happily and successfully in assisted living with the help of caretakers. Joa poured herself into the development of her unique hand at creating these wonderful works of art. Now she is more absorbed with her work and insular, refusing almost all inquiries and limiting her welcomed visitors to a small handful of family, while happily dedicating the majority of her time to her artwork over the subsequent five decades developing her unique style with daily devoted practice mostly using ballpoint and felt pens to create her nudes and figures for the world to enjoy.

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